• ID: 365
  • Description: Autonomous camp for 2500 people
  • TBN: 657
  • Status: sale
  • Condition: active
  • Type: Shore objects / Infrastructure
  • Subtype: Town for builders
  • Appointment: Prompt placement of employees in residential premises with all necessary amenities
  • Location: Turkey
  • Cost: 25,000,000 $

An autonomous portable reusable camp for 2500 people, to accommodate working personnel in residential premises. It has all the necessary infrastructure, including medical boxes, water and wastewater treatment and processing systems, cinemas, energy supply, air conditioning, cutlery and bedding.

The entire batch is packaged in 450 x 40 foot containers and 2375 flat packaged building modules. The total weight of 27,400 tons.

Detailed information, brochure, photos, specifications and a list of equipment on request.